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for once i want the girl in the action movie to be the one that’s like “okay stay here, hold this gun, don’t move” and i want the guy to be like “what the fuck do i do, oh my god is this a gun, don’t leave me alone with this! how do i shoot weapon?”

you mean


bless kim possible

and lets not forget the villain was COMPLETELY useless without his badass female “sidekick”



Just by gazing upon her face… no matter how weary you are, you will feel happy. Deep inside your heart you will feel a warmth… this “piece of joy”. This is all the happiness you need. Normally, we call this “love”. That is what… the CHICKEN said.
Ren Tsuruga Quote Chapter 65

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Lay Your Weary Head


…here goes nothin’. I suppose I should add the warning: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH but really it’s all okay. ~1550 words.

Shelley wasn’t quite sure who Cas was, really. He must be some relation of Mr. Winchester’s, but who?

Mr. Winchester (the residents were all Mr. This and Mrs. That - it maintained a sense of professional detachment, or at least that was the theory) occasionally talked about his younger brother Sam – it wasn’t long after Sam died, about ten years ago, that Mr. Winchester came here to Twin Pines Assisted Living. Sam’s kids – Mr. Winchester’s niece and nephew – couldn’t care for him. They traveled a lot for work, apparently. They came for Christmas sometimes (and Cas never did) and sent him birthday cards every year (and Cas never did that, either). So did their kids, and collectively the staff were pretty sure they had all the spots on the Winchester family tree filled in, so… that kind of ruled any kind of close family out.

And Mr. Winchester never had kids of his own, so not his son, not his grandson even if he was about the right age for that. Not even really much family resemblance… Cas was really good-looking, with the dark hair and blue eyes, actually. Marta, the other caregiver on the floor, needed to be reminded occasionally that it was really not professionally detached to wonder about whether the visitors were single.

Whatever he was… he came every Thursday, at 9 AM when visiting hours started, like clockwork. Some of the staff who’d been here a long time said that if the clock said it was 9:01 when he turned up, you needed to set it back a minute, because Cas was never late. But that was pretty much all anyone knew about him for sure. Nobody could even come up with his last name. He hadn’t even filled out the visitor log in years because everyone knew him, and knew he was here for Mr. Winchester, so what was to fill out?

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imagine a dragon who hoarded librarians and every so often knights come to rescue them and the librarians get very upset because the dragon is quiet and reshelves everything neatly and the knights are Very Annoying



can I just


Kate timeline


NOTE:  Some of the pictures in this post are for visual references and not necessarily meant to reflect the timeline itself.

At some point early in season 2, Araya takes Kate’s healing body and does the whole ‘honor the code’ deal with her


Kate protests with extreme prejudice


She escapes into the desert and stumbles upon la iglesia


She wastes no time in creating her little berserker duo (She does this between seasons 2 through the end of 3a)


From the time Kate escapes, Araya has been relentless in her pursuit.  She sends her people after Derek, and questions him about ‘La Loba’ It’s unknown if La Loba and Kate are one in the same.  It’s possible as Araya has no reason to think that Kate turned into something other than a werewolf.


Peter and Derek are rescued by Braeden.  Braeden who shoots and presumably kills several of Araya’s people in the rescue - she tells them Duecalian hired her


I suspect Araya doesn’t know Braeden was the one who rescued Derek as she is soon hired by Araya to find Kate (Note Braeden has ties to both Duecalian & Morell, both who have hired her in the past.  News of Kate being alive could have been shared by her and I suspect this is why the Benefactor set his plan in motion)


Kate is in Beacon Hills as early as 3x23 if not even earlier and I think she is there because she already received the tape from the Benefactor - easy enough to get her the tape since Braeden knew exactly where she would be


It’s the tape with the promise to learn control that sets her on the path to kidnap Derek


She finds out she was set up


she listens to the tape again and plans out revenge against the benefactor


she now is after would-be assassins in her quest to find out who the benefactor is


she finds out that the Orphans also got a tape…


She kidnaps and tortures/kills Violet for information



Why did Araya hire Braeden since she A) rescued Derek and B) killed her people to do it?

We know why Kate got the tape, because the benefactor was using her to get into the vault.  But why did the Orphans get a tape?

I think the reason Araya believed Derek knew about Kate is because he showed up in Mexico with Peter in tow.  I think we need to find out who set Derek on the path to finding his mothers claws…who would have known I wonder where they would be…Deaton perhaps?

What did Kate learn from Violet?



set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

these are incredible


Teen Wolf 4x07 “Weaponized” Promo #2 (1080p HD)


Supernatural season 9 gag reel


Cipher Keys are Love Interests?


So we’ve been chatting in the meta group this morning when this thought suddenly struck me. The cipher keys - what if they are main character’s love interests? Think about it, Allison was Scott’s Love Interest. Aiden was Lydia’s Love Interest. Derek is Stiles’ Love Interest.This…

oooooh  didnt even think about that… Good Catch… This way it still points to Scott, Lydia, and Stiles but you are right it could be that they are the anchors for those 3… interesting… now what can this mean?

I haven’t a clue. That Derek’s name was the last cipher blows all my other theories out of the water. Who has that kind of information on those three people? People in the pack. Deaton. Peter. Maybe their enemies or Braeden or Morell. I’m positive the Benefactor is an inside job. I’m leaning more and more towards the Deaton theory and Peter’s just hopping a ride to try and gain power. But we haven’t seen Issac or Danny either. No matter the actual RL reasons for their actors to now be on the show, it remains suspicious to me.


Beacon Hills - Supernatural Salvation?


So I was thinking after the episode and talking with the meta group when a though struck me. Derek and Peter both knew about Satomi’s pack. That got me thinking back to the tape Kate had played at the start of this episode. The Hales built Beacon Hills almost single-handedly. They grew the town…

I think this is a brilliant observation and dovetails nicely into what we already know. Paige and Danny (both humans) knew stuff happened around town based on all the odd things that happened. The Hales were powerful and well respected, to the point where other alphas came to Talia for advice.

If they followed her lead, established towns themselves, setup safe havens like Beacon Hills was, this would tip the balance towards the supernatural, wouldn’t it?

And who is all about keeping the balance? That’s right, Deaton. So he cuts down the nemeton, kick starting the towns downward spiral.

And then things settle, and he catches wind of Kate being alive via Morell who heard it from Braeden and he hatches this new plan to cull the supernaturals in town.

So, since the last part of the list states "Malia Hale", do you think the theory that Liam is Peter's son is wrong? I feel that the hints about Peter's anger problems when he was a kid were way too obvious not to connect them with Liam. Do you think Peter had more kids or is the Benefactor actually wrong about Malia? Also, no Stiles on the list, but then again, we weren't specifically shown that this is the end of the list (as far as I remember).





The Benefactor is not in charge of all the facts, they know a lot of what is going on but not everything and this might be another mislead

think about it

Garrett told violet not to go after McCall because after the alpha pack he was the only one left standing - WE know that’s not true, but its how it looked to an outsider

that means whoever the benefactor is it’s someone in possession of some but not all the facts

there are other details, that person KNEW that Liam would be bitten before the list was written, the list is not updated to remove the dead that means they knew before it happened what was going to happen and to who

OR Liam was always a supernatural

the story shows Peter is Liam’s father, but it’s telling us Malia is his child

but remember that scene with Peter and Malia, he took one look at her and dismissed her out of hand, considering the knowledge that he was a father was something powerful enough that talia kept it from him and it moved him to act (the promise of the knowledge) and when he first meets Malia he’s eager, he’s like a puppy, and then after a few questions he disregards her

that means the benefactor is not all knowing

remember show =/= tell in this program

This makes me think the benefactor is a druid or has one working for him/her.

  Putting Liam on the list may mean someone can predict the future. (unless they put him there cause he’s Peter’s son, but then why leaving his last name, but changing Malia’s last name to Hale?)

I may be wrong, but the only other time someone predicted the future (but not like Lydia, not someone’s death) was when Braeden called Scott “Alpha” when he was not one yet (she also left the bank logo on Lydia and Allison’s arms - which was weird and I don’t think was ever explained). She was working for Deucalion then (who had access to Marin - a druid). So it’s someone with a druid or is a druid him/herslef.

I’m looking at Deaton

but not for the reason we think

the only person who is pack but not pack who was present for the malia revelation is deaton

he is the one with 75% of the info

but by listing the pack so highly he’s creating a myth, if they survive the deadpool it adds to the mythos of the true alpha, he’s creating a messiah and to do so he has to put them through hell.

My money’s on Deaton, too. His reveal would certainly go a long way to further Scott’s arc. Imagine how disillusioned he’d feel by the betrayal of who has essentially been his father figure, as well as advisor?

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Thoughts on TW 4x06 


So, we’re now halfway through the season and i got to say that i’m liking what i see. I know a lot of people have expressed their disappointment with TW lately, but for all of you still enjoying it - here’re my inital reactions to the episode 4x06 “Orphaned”

and for those wondering but can’t be bothered to read on, I thought the episode was good. Not the best this season, but still good

first off…. SCOTT - wtf you doing?!

What can I say? I’m not a Scott hater, i’m really not. I’d love to see Scott grown into his potential. But if you’re one of those who can’t bear to read anything regarding scott that isn’t wrapped in flowers and sunshine, then feel free to skip to the next heading.

When on earth is he going to learn? He keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over (history repeating being a theme, but he’s so far the only character to repeat his own mistakes. the others tend to repeat others’ mistakes and learn from their own).

Firstly - the money. Yes this is blood money and given his normally very black and white morals, the fact that scott takes it speaks volumes. I can understand the temptation. we know his family (and others) are in financial trouble, but still - this reeks of foreshadowing to more potenionally shady decisions down the line. the meta group have been talking about a dark arc for a long time, and it looks like we’re seeing the start here.

also he is tampering with evidence when he breaks into the lockers. that could potentially screw up the investigation. in this case both suspects died, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was a shit thing to do.

scott makes mistakes, all the character does. but scott is the one that never gets called out on it or sufferes any real consequences. and he often gets painted as the hero and gets credit even if he’s not the one who deserves it (the whole alpha pack rumor being a fine example of this). and before anyone angrily points it out - yes stiles seems to share in the temptation and i will not be making any excuses for him either, but at least stiles has always been more openly grey in his morals, so it’s not equally as out of character. Still i will reserve judgment on this money issue until we see what they end up doing with it. for all we know it might be pooled into the deadpool derek suggest they set up for the hunters? (as seen in the mid-season trailer)

Blood money aside, why oh why scott do you keep on going along with the bad guy’s plan? you did it with deucalion and that didn’t turn out so good. and now garrett comes along, kidnaps Liam to make scott stop the prison transport to free violet, and he readily tags along. Scotty my boy, you had options here. why didn’t you even consider any of them?

  • You could’ve asked for help from your pack! stiles would be all over that shit, and now that you actually have the sheriff in the know and he will be overseeing the transport, why not use the opportunity to create a trap for Garrett? Hell, even informing his FBI dad would be a better option than blindly following garrett’s lead.
  • and for christ sake! scott, you’re an alpha werewolf! we’ve heard you howl before to signal your pack. why oh why not roar for Liam? it’s worth at least a try. or get Derek and Malia to help - they could try to track him while you lure Garrett into a trap. Instead Liam actually ends up saving himself.

this is just inexcusable and the worst part is i don’t know why he does is this way. is it because he truly sees himself as the only person who can solve the situation (messiah complex much?) or does he not trust his pack/friends? When Chris shows up he readily accepts the help, but then again scott has alwasy been prone to trust the hunters over his friends/kind. i’m kind of baffled, and if anyone has a good explanation i’d like to hear it :)

in conclusion, scott’s snowballing down a slippery slope towards darker times, and the worst part is he doesn’t even realize it himself. once again he declares that no one will die and he makes it his responsibility. Someone - i think it was stilesederek that pointed out that the line “I’m not letting anyone else die” is almost a direct quote from Anakin in Star Wars - and we all know how badly that ended…. (and scott hasn’t even seen star wars - he definitely should!)

so that is the rant part over and done with - and now….

Random thoughts about the rest neatly listed in bullet points even though most of them sort of blend into each other…

  • Parrish | i just want to say i loved the trio of parrish/stilinski/martin!!!! As for Parrish the theories are many with regards to what the F**K he is - the mid-season trailer seems to indicate he will have no trouble surviving a car fire. others have done great meta on this, so i’ll leave that be. This episode however leads to the question of whether he’s genuinely in the dark about his supernatural abilities or just a really, really good actor. His reaction to the deadpool was funny and convincing (i’m still chortling over the line “Maybe i’ll kill myself” - unless that is cruel foreshadowing of parrish sacrificing himself…. nope, no will not think about that).
  • No matter, parrish is clearly intrigued by Lydia. i sense there’s a connection or correlation between their gifts. call it a hunch..
  • And Stiles has given him his stamp of approval - remember he has a very perceptive eye for evil and for the moment parrish seems to be “good” or at least on our side.
  • Also I’m digging the Lydia/Stiles detective duo/friendship. They’ve come a long way, and although i don’t hate stydia, i honestly didn’t read anything other than friendship and respect between them. The scene where stiles comforted lydia was beautiful.
  • I loved that Lydia managed to use her gift this time (even is the name she found was Derek’s - more on that later). I also wonder what was up with her bleeding ear. and did you notice that neither parrish nor stiles seemed to be affected by meredith’s scream, although we know other supernaturals like werewolves do. clearly they are not anything with enhanced hearing…
  • The third list | I honestly didn’t think we would get the third part of the list this episode. I thought it would have more build up and possibly lead to a more shocking reveal such as Stiles being on it. Now we have all the names on the table (supposedly) and it wasn’t really any surprises there. we expected noshiko, liam and malia to be on it and they were along with meredith.
  • Funny detail tho is Malia was listed as Malia Hale. I still think it’s a possibility Liam could be the real Hale. so the question we should be asking ourselves is: who would know that malia is suspected to be a hale? the list isn’t actually that long, and the most likely candidates seem to be Deucalion (he’s got history with the hales) and Deaton (scott tells him everything and he was the hale emissary). feel free to add on. 
  • Speaking of Deaton - was it foreshadowing or just a red herring when the scene cut from Meredith saying “the benefactor” and the next one speaking was Deaton saying “Hello there.”
  • we need to talk about sterek. There wasn’t any more direct interaction besides the sneak peek that we’d already seen. but it was snarky and i’m also positve stiles picked up on derek not being as strong as he used to, and maybe even the healing slower thing. he’ll piece it together (and so will peter).But the scene where lydia “banshees” the last cypher key and it’s derek - the way the reaction is sole focused on stiles is telling. also his look - so intense, clearly emotions are being surpressed and he looks determined to prevent it. wait a sec i have to gif it….


  • Malia - once again she’s pointing people in the right direction. this is like her thing, and this time it’s derek that is given the right prompts to find the remains of satomi’s pack. but is it like her gift to the pack, or is there some motive behind it? I like the character, but like braeden i don’t really trust her yet.
  • With regars to satomi - derek informs us that she’s a bitten werewolf and one the oldest alive. and if it’s the same one as in the internment camp during WW2 then we seriously need to go another round on this werewolf aging thing.
  • The orphans - as predicted violet and garrett met their demise this episode. and on that note i couldn’t help but notice that they made a point out of agent mccall questioning violet about the thermowire - because apparantly that’s been used in “a string of murders.” as far as we know she’s only killed demarco, cut of that blonde werewolf’s hand and tried to behead brett and scott. it there’s a string of murders in other states, than that indicates 1) this is not just a local problem and b) might there be more lists? i’m intrigued….
  • there’s a theory floating around about striped clothing indicating possession. last week malia was wearing stripes. this week it’s mason.
  • and lastly Peter and Kate. what a terrifying duo. and it’s becoming more and more clear that they have history. they way they talk and the things they know about each other suggests this. peter wants power and i’m thinking this is mainly in the form of being an alpha again. which suggests either from scott or satomi (assuming she’s now the alpha of that pack). how and why they will help each other both terrifies me and makes my head hurt, so i’ll leave that for another day when i’m feeling slightly more clearheaded.
  • Next week will be the bottle episode with the outbreak at the school and it looks like all our friends will be infected. coach is clearly already down for the count, and seeing as also stiles seems to be collapsing in the promo it will affect both supernatural creatures and humans. i think this was the same thing that killed satomi’s pack this episode. i’ve already talked about that, braeden and draeden in this post.

 that’s it for now.

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Cipher Keys are Love Interests?


So we’ve been chatting in the meta group this morning when this thought suddenly struck me. The cipher keys - what if they are main character’s love interests? Think about it, Allison was Scott’s Love Interest. Aiden was Lydia’s Love Interest. Derek is Stiles’ Love Interest.This deadpool is about Scott, Lydia, and Stiles. Calling them out.

Or, vice-versa, as Allison said she still loved Scott before she died and it could have been that it’s an anchor thing. Maybe Allison’s ‘anchor’ was Scott, like she was Scott’s. And same with Aiden and Lydia, and as we’ve seen at the end of 3b, with Derek and Stiles.  

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