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I am a multifandom blog & my main focus is art and meta. Off the top of my head, these include but are not limited to: any Star Trek, Hannibal, Sleepy Hollow, Buffy, Supernatural (MIIIIISHA, GIIIIIIIIISHWHES), Teen Wolf (Tyler Hoechlin is a sunshine dork), Community, Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time & related works, Marvel the comics & related works, Avatar the Last Airbender & related works. Anything I've not mentioned is in my tags.

I see you! Stiles and the Third Eye (TW 4x11)



I should probably spend my time working on a meta rambling for last night’s episode instead, but i was suddenly hit by a idea and i couldn’t let it go, so i gave in and decided to explore it.

Is anybody surprised it’s about Stiles? Didn’t think so…

Image heavy and long, so hit the read more if you’re curious :)

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If there is one thing Teen Wolf has always been consistent on, it’s Stile’s ability to say something everyone else dismisses but turns out to be true.  The latest was him telling Scott the money belonged to Peter and not even mentioning Derek, which turned out to be true.  Obviously Matt was a big one as well.  And there have been plenty of smaller incidences.  He’s the Cassandra of the series, always right but never listened to.

Whether it’s third eye, simple human perception or something entirely different and most likely supernatural, Stiles’ predictive abilities have been consistently shown yet downplayed.  I really like your pic of him having an eye drawing on his bedroom wall - nice catch and that does point toward a third eye.  

Cool meta.  :)

I see you! Stiles and the Third Eye (TW 4x11)


I should probably spend my time working on a meta rambling for last night’s episode instead, but i was suddenly hit by a idea and i couldn’t let it go, so i gave in and decided to explore it.

Is anybody surprised it’s about Stiles? Didn’t think so…

Image heavy and long, so hit the read more if you’re curious :)

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I see you! Stiles and the Third Eye (TW 4x11)


I should probably spend my time working on a meta rambling for last night’s episode instead, but i was suddenly hit by a idea and i couldn’t let it go, so i gave in and decided to explore it.

Is anybody surprised it’s about Stiles? Didn’t think so…

Image heavy and long, so hit the read more if you’re curious :)

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"We weren’t obvious enough with all of the Castiel/Violet parallels, so we decided to put her in a trench with a white button-up shirt. Look, even the top buttons aren’t done up!"

This is what I shall send to the people who tell me that I am reading too much into dialogue in this episode. ‘Cause, really. Even the buttons. [x]


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The official Supernatural Season 10 poster (~)





Harry Potter au where Harry didn’t lose being a parsletongue and Albus buys a snake as a pet one year because snakes are cool and one day just walks in on Harry and the snake having a deep conversation

Albus is 17 and loses his virginity in his room and forgets the snake talks to his dad and when Harry gets home the snake is all like OH MY GOSH YOU’D NEVER GUESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WHAT HAPPENED


Meta Me This: Promise to the Dead


After taking a break from my usual episodic Meta of the episode last week, I have returned this week full force and ready to once again provide an episodic reaction to what was just witnessed.  And just, well damn, that was a roller coaster, and next week’s 75 minutes are going to be hell.  I’ll say that right now.  Hope y’all are ready for that roller coaster ride.

So here we go: Promise to the Dead —


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I’m sorry but I was not prepared to find out that derek hale is a landlord in canon

derek hale, the enigmatic landlord who lives on the top floor, has a second cell phone for tenants to call him on, sometimes let’s the students in 6B pay their rent late because he knows how it is. derek hale plunging toilets and changing locks and drawing up leases. bless this character development

in return, the tenants don’t say anything about the ghost ninjas or the 3am gunfire




this is a total shot in the dark, but what if the berserkers are erica and boyd? 



same height difference, the taller has darker skin and the shorter has lighter and it looked like he/her had light coloured hair underneath the bones when they fought by the car. neither one of them had anchors when they died. maybe that’s why they talk about kate and call her la loba- she brought erica and boyd back, covered in bones. she herself was never really dead so calling her la loba for that seems far fetched.

and there’s the issue with derek not gaining any power from boyd dying, which I’m guessing is why the alpha pack killed boyd on derek’s claws. the power was already being preserved somewhere. 

AND gerard obviously wanted to be an alpha, and that soon. why would he then release derek’s (whose power he aimed for) two betas when he thought he’d be the alpha by the end of the same day?

because he’d already secured them, somehow.

but with him incapacitated it would be easy for kate to use that, probably similar to what she’s doing to derek, to turn them into berserkers.

this way sinqua and gage could be brought back into the show even if their schedules clash because of the total coverage of the costumes.

I feel like it might be time to bring this back.

painting a picture by making herself into a hunter deity definitely fits kate’s MO, but if she has promised peter he’ll get to kill scott he’s probably not the actaeon to kate’s artemis.

who has gotten turned from hunter to prey, who had dogs with him on his hunt? derek. and as much as scott protested it, kate might still have considered him derek’s beta.

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but my 5am caffeine fuelled crack meta might actually be right.

And she turned him (Derek) into the proverbial deer, didn’t she…



This week I finally declare my love for nbchannibal​ try to make sense of Hannibal, the serious show, and the Fannibals, it’s very silly fandom. Instead, I get lost in a haze of puppies. 

But seriously, the Fannibals are some of my favorite fans. They were the first ones to respond to my request for more fandom blogs to follow and now my dash is mostly Hannibal. And I’m a little afraid. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Tumblr or Yahoo Inc. - just a fan who spends too much time on the aforementioned website. I also make no claim to “Hannibal” or any of it’s related media. I sincerely do not want to be made into dinner. 

(Video also contains bonus karaoke this week. You’ll see)



Well, hello, Derek in the Mirrorland. Interesting, how the reflection quickly dissapeared behind the mirror’s frame, moving towards Stiles. Horeography at its finest.image

I love that single lightbulb hanging over his head.

Colour Theory Explained - a teen wolf meta



Teen Wolf Colour theory is a nightmare, seriously, and I’ve spent the last year trying to crack it and I finally have a working model which is probably right.

Now in teen wolf terms there are 5! primary colours, or base colours

from those base colours we get the secondary colours (the second set of triangles on the above diagram) which is what happens when you combine two of the primary colours. After that is tertiary colours which are variations of the primary colours.

Now with teen wolf as I said there are 5! base colours, not three

then there are set of base patterns

the five colours are 

Red, Blue, Gold, Black, White/Grey

and the base patterns are stripes, florals, plaid and circles

to start with the primary colours represent, as far as I can tell, the elemental themes present in the series, or godai - the japanese element wheel.

These are, in season order, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Void.

In colour terms these are 

Fire = Red, 

Water = Blue

Earth = Gold

Air = White/Grey

Void = black

now the elemental themes to make things slightly more complicated are inverted and represent certain themes these are:

Fire = Red = Empowerment

Water = Blue = Damnation

Earth = Gold = revelation

Air = White/Grey = secrets

Void = Black = haven’t had the series don’t know yet

what that means is when the characters wear certain colours you can tell, to an extent what it means

for example Stiles favours red and blue, empowerment and damnation, that makes sense as the further down the rabbit hole he goes the stronger he becomes and the more at risk.

In contrast Scott wore red when he was bitten - immediate empowerment in becoming a werewolf, but grey for most of season 1, which carries through as everyone around him was keeping secrets as he was himself.

so when we reach the secondary and tertiary colours it’s not a set of new meanings but instead a combination of the base colours and their meanings

so when Derek wears purple and black, it becomes red+blue and black, so black means whatever it means (I can’t prophesy unfortunately) but red+blue = empowerment and damnation = he kills Boyd.

then we get into the patterns

a lot of people have pointed out stripes = possession and I’m not going to argue

but Lydia this season is wearing a lot of flowers and pink, so florals which are earth based as far as I can tell are the revelation of secrets with red, but also the fact that those secrets might not be what is revealed with the addition of white  = ie she’s empowered by revealing the secrets but they’re not the whole story. If she wears blue with the florals then the secrets coming out are dangerous

there are lots of meta on circles on clothes whether that is ringer shirts or Stiles’ target and I’m not going to touch it, but it is that simple, it’s a target

and I have no idea what plaid means yet, but I’m getting there, this is a better explanation of what I posted before, and hopefully it makes more sense

but the tl:dr

the colours represent the elements and combined colours do not have individual meaning but instead are the combined elements

and this works so well, it should be right, mind you it might be a hallucination my mind has come up with to finally solve colour theory



Malia, what’s your favorite food?

It is not a coincidence that we get this line and then a reference to Actaeon, yo. I’m betting Malia’s and Scott’s story lines are going to intersect in a bad way here soon…

Umm…though, if Kate or Malia are Artemis, then Scott isn’t Actaeon, he’s no prey animal, he’s being turned into Artemis’s ‘hound’, and that makes someone else Actaeon. (Who’s ‘seen Artemis naked’? or Vulnerable?) This could be Derek, Stiles, or even Peter. (With a different meaning for vulnerable…




This is in my top favorite things of ever.

God, this is SO cute.

omg I love these idiots

OMG…the Jump the Shark items are hilarious!!! You guys are just, fantastic…golly.

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