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Sometimes I wish I could say the words. 
Wish I knew how to let you in. 
How to hurt you back. 
How to make you stay. 
How to say goodbye...

For Noelle 

Hang on a tick… (Did I just miss this discussion?)


So, I’m talking to my husband about Stiles—Maze Runner ad, he recognized Dylan—and I’m describing the pool scene, asking his opinion on how plausible it was.

And he said, “Why didn’t they just go stand in the shallow end of the pool?”


Actually, my hubby and I were confused about that too, but his sister was on her high school swim team, (USA over here dunno about you) and she says that most high school pools don’t have a shallow end…If high schools are rich enough to have pools, they have swim teams, like, really, really good swim teams, which means they don’t need a shallow end and just have six to eight feet deep pools. 

sterek alphabet
→ wolf’s bane

Best of Autocorrect















I got to “Dad” and had to scroll down and reblog for a break because I laughed so hard I nearly threw up twice.

"Killing her seems a bit harsh"



Did you know that beekeepers have famously attractive eyes ? Every single one of them . I don’t know the science behind it , but studies show beauty is in the eye of the bee holder . 


yesterday we were just children

but now we’ve stepped into a cruel world


Book #3 that I plan to give the cast members I’ll be meeting at ‘Creatures of the Night’ on August 9th in Melbourne. I’m running out of time and I still have one left to go! EEP!

Other books in the series:




The famous La Marseillaise scene from Casablanca.

You know, this scene is so powerful to me that sometimes I forget that not everyone who watches it will understand its significance, or will have seen Casablanca. So, because this scene means so much to me, I hope it’s okay if I take a minute to explain what’s going on here for anyone who’s feeling left out.

Casablanca takes place in, well, Casablanca, the largest city in (neutral) Morocco in 1941, at Rick’s American Cafe (Rick is Humphrey Bogart’s character you see there). In 1941, America was also still neutral, and Rick’s establishment is open to everyone: Nazi German officials, officials from Vichy (occupied) France, and refugees from all across Europe desperate to escape the German war engine. A neutral cafe in a netural country is probably the only place you’d have seen a cross-section like this in 1941, only six months after the fall of France.

So, the scene opens with Rick arguing with Laszlo, who is a Czech Resistance fighter fleeing from the Nazis (if you’re wondering what they’re arguing about: Rick has illegal transit papers which would allow Laszlo and his wife, Ilsa, to escape to America, so he could continue raising support against the Germans. Rick refuses to sell because he’s in love with Laszlo’s wife). They’re interrupted by that cadre of German officers singing Die Wacht am Rhein: a German patriotic hymn which was adopted with great verve by the Nazi regime, and which is particularly steeped in anti-French history. This depresses the hell out of everybody at the club, and infuriates Laszlo, who storms downstairs and orders the house band to play La Marseillaise: the national anthem of France.

Wait, but when I say “it’s the national anthem of France,” I don’t want you to think of your national anthem, okay? Wherever you’re from. Because France’s anthem isn’t talking about some glorious long-ago battle, or France’s beautiful hills and countrysides. La Marseillaise is FUCKING BRUTAL. Here’s a translation of what they’re singing:

Arise, children of the Fatherland! The day of glory has arrived! Against us, tyranny raises its bloody banner. Do you hear, in the countryside, the roar of those ferocious soldiers? They’re coming to your land to cut the throats of your women and children!

To arms, citizens! Form your battalions! Let’s march, let’s march! Let their impure blood water our fields!

BRUTAL, like I said. DEFIANT, in these circumstances. And the entire cafe stands up and sings it passionately, drowning out the Germans. The Germans who are, in 1941, still terrifyingly ascendant, and seemingly invincible.

"Vive la France! Vive la France!" the crowd cries when it’s over. France has already been defeated, the German war machine roars on, and the people still refuse to give up hope.

But here’s the real kicker, for me: Casablanca came out in 1942. None of this was ‘history’ to the people who first saw it. Real refugees from the Nazis, afraid for their lives, watched this movie and took heart. These were current events when this aired. Victory over Germany was still far from certain. The hope it gave to people then was as desperately needed as it has been at any time in history.

God I love this scene.

Werewolf Packs and touching!


They must be something special about werewolf packs and touching, Satomi’s pack let us see the natural werewolf behaviour. Take a look at this.
First we have werewolf couple but seem to be just comforting each other like a normal couple would. So when you see this for the first time, you make nothing about it


Until you see this. If you were watching Satomi’s pack in the background as Scott and Kira talk, you got a real treat this episode, as it showed you real pack behaviour. Look behind Kira and you can see Brett taking the girl’s hand and he does this thing, like rubs her fingers. It’s really fast and you can miss it unless you’re looking out for it. You can see it yourself at 13:52 


So you think this is just a one off? Until you see this!

Now the younger girl has reached over and took Brett’s hand and he’s put his hand on her arm. The woman on the left is also touching the other woman.

Now Derek has moved over a bit and is talking to Scott about Satomi’s pack not being fighters… but look at that in the background! That’s Brett’s arm reaching out to touch Satomi’s neck. His Alpha!
You can see this from 18:07 to around about 18:17.

Next Brett comes over to join Scott and Derek and co.

Now can everyone see that? The younger girl is holding onto Satomi. The Beta is holding onto the Alpha! Anybody else having pack feels?

As the episode closes, we see Brett bringing the girl back out because she’s scared after seeing Scott almost killing that man and being killed. See how Brett is touching her?

There is something about touch that must calm a werewolf down, or being touched does something else to them


Isaac was backing away when Derek reached out and put an arm around him. Isaac appeared to calm down.


Liam was worrying about the benefactor and trying to cover up his fear from Scott. When Stiles touched him, he smiled. This could have been because of Stiles’ joke, but what if it was from Stiles’ touch.

Liam’s shoulders are all tense up before Scott’s touch

But as soon as Scott touches him, Liam relaxes a little.

Relaxed puppy!

There is clearly something up with Beta/Beta touch and Alpha/Beta touch. Hope we get to see more of this.




why does everyone always associate satan with heavy metal

for all we know satan could like smooth jazz


Spot on, Buffy fandom.

What's your opinion on Malia? I mean, I started to like her for a while there and I even thought she and Stiles made a kinda cute couple, but I was rewatching season four in preparation for the finale and her relationship with Stiles makes me really uncomfortable and I don't know why. Also, I've noticed that a lot of what I thought were witty quips the first time through are really just her being a bad person, coyote past or not. :/ I really don't trust her at all.


I’ve written a few metas about Malia, because she doesn’t quite add up. Like you, I also think her relationship with Stiles is not romantic, and I’m not sure we can trust her, so your instincts are on the money there.

However, kudos to Davis, because he’s not made it black and white. I’m not sure Malia’s a villain either, for all that she’s a mystery.

The main things that make me sympathetic to Malia are:

  • I think the pack did wrong in forcing her to live a human life. They thought they were being kind, but they weren’t. It was non-consensual and sudden, and not very well thought out. It was more bad than good.
  • I think Stiles realises that, and it’s part of why he’s been taking care of her and helping her adapt. That’s decent of him, but a bad foundation for a romantic relationship.
  • The power dynamic between them is unequal in some worrying ways — mainly, Stiles has the power, and Malia is emotionally dependent.
  • The relationship with Stiles is not stable, and they are both to blame for it — it’s a typical first relationship in many ways, despite their supernatural issues. It started under bad circumstances, and they’ve never addressed them. Stiles lied by omission to Malia about Peter, something directly of importance to her. They aren’t negotiating their boundaries, so it often crosses over into non-consensual (eg. the scratching). Malia likes Stiles more than he likes her, and he’s fronting about it which is shitty of him.
  • I also think Stiles is lying to her about his own struggles this season (ie. his spark coming online and realising he’s bisexual). While it’s true they are his struggles, and it’s up to him when he shares them, it’s not a great foundation for a relationship to keep a big thing like that hidden. Malia is probably going to feel betrayed again depending on how it comes to light.
  • The fact Malia broke up with him is the first healthy sign there’s been that it will end before they do major damage to each other, and I was pleased to see she had enough agency to do it. The reunion addressed none of their problems, so I think they are still on track to end and fairly soon.

Apart from all of that, Malia is not what she seems, and I don’t trust her.

  • The best case scenario is that she’s an innocent, and she’s mimicking other people as a way of adapting to her new world. This seems unlikely, as she keeps solving problems which should be beyond her.
  • The worse case scenario is that she’s a player and she’s insinuating herself into the pack for some reason of her own.
  • In either case, I suspect she is not “Malia Tate”. Who she is instead, I’m not sure as there haven’t been enough clues yet. But she never said she was Malia when she transformed into a girl, and she never seems to spend time with her father (Mr Tate), in contrast to all the other main characters and their parents.
  • She could be a random werecoyote the pack “rescued” and assumed was Malia. As she has no other way to get on in the human world, she’s going with it.
  • She could be Malia for real, plus a dark traveller who is guiding her, maybe without her knowledge. This is how she always helps people find the right answer.
  • She could be pretending to be Malia, and actually be a coyote trickster having some fun with the pack.
  • She could be the younger Tate sister, given the birth date Peter found, and her obsession with the doll. Although this still raises the question of why she’s not had any scenes with her father and how she’s prompting people to solve complex problems.
  • She could be an imaginary person Stiles invented and made flesh while he was the nogitsune — there once was a real Malia Tate, but she died, and this invention took her place and was designed to love Stiles. Creepy, right? But she seems to be turning into a real girl now, and I hope she does.
  • She could have been created by the sacrifice of Jennifer on the nemeton by Peter. She could even be Jennifer in a new form.
  • She may or may not be a Hale, and if she is, might be Talia’s daughter, not Peter’s. There is no hard evidence right now she is a Hale. We don’t know for sure that only Hales can open the vault, and the birth certificate Peter found doesn’t seem to match her age. Also, Liam seems a better match for the missing Hale in several ways.

The very fact all of these are legitimate possibilities tells me that Malia is not what she seems. Whether she turns out to be actively playing the pack, or an innocent unaware of her own nature remains to be seen.

I’ve become quite fond of Malia because she’s so mysterious. I hope the big reveal is an absolute whopper!

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